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Sir Ben Kingsley: Call me Cupid!

Sir Ben Kingsley has a secret talent for landscape gardening.

The 71-year-old Academy Award-winning Gandhi actor has an interesting background, as he was born to a British mother and a Kenyan medical doctor of Gujarati Indian descent.

And during his youth people referred to Ben, whose birth name is Krishna Pandit Bhanji, with a sweet moniker.

“My childhood nickname was Cupid,” he told Us Weekly magazine. “My stage name comes from family nicknames. Ben was my dad's nickname. Kingsley is from my grandfather's nickname, King Clove.”

When Ben isn’t preparing for a film role, he can most likely be found in his garden.

The star has a huge passion for getting his hands dirty.

“Landscape design and gardening are my secret talents. I’m very ambitious about them,” he gushed. “Still, I wish I had a green thumb. I’m working toward my own English garden.”

Ben is also a huge foodie and he is often preparing all types of deliciousness for his wife Daniela Lavender.

“My wife is my food critic. I love to make anything that wins her approval,” he smiled. “If I could eat one food every day it would be vegetable curry because of all the variety. I love tea. My personal favourites are English breakfast, Yorkshire, Kenya, and Irish breakfast. My favourite restaurant has to be Lilly’s in Ouarzazate, Morocco.”

Although some people prefer to do absolutely nothing when they have a day off, this is not in Ben’s nature.

He feels the need to be effective in action at all times and the thespian uses music to help him stay focused.

“My favourite way to spend a lazy day is being unlazy. I much prefer to be as productive as possible,” he emphasised. “My favourite music to listen to is Russian Orthodox choirs. Oh, and Florence and the Machine!”

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