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Sir Ian McKellen on kissing Sir Patrick Stewart

Sir Ian McKellen rather enjoyed locking lips with his longtime friend Sir Patrick Stewart on June 10.

The longtime friends kissed each other mightily while they walked the red carpet in London on June 10 for the premiere Ian’s new Sherlock Holmes mystery Mr. Holmes.

And Ian thoroughly appreciated every moment of their smooch.

“I scarcely noticed it was happening,” he told USA Today. “He’s got very good lips.”

Ian came out as gay while speaking during a BBC Radio programme in 1988.

And the 76-year-old actor feels fortunate to have such supportive loved ones.

“It’s a nice thing about Patrick, and many other friends — he is a straight man who has absolutely no problem with having gay friends,” Ian noted. “I think he gave me a kiss because he thinks I would like it. It’s a sign of friendship. His wife kisses me as well.”

Ian appeared opposite the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Will Smith in 1993 movie Six Degrees of Separation.

Ian locked lips with Will too in the past, but for a very different reason than his most recent smooch with Patrick.

"He arrived for the read-through with a huge entourage – his family, his agent, his publicity person, his acting coach, his nanny! He was a charmer, and a good actor," Ian recalled to British magazine Time Out London previously. "But he did one silly thing: he refused to kiss another boy on-screen, even though it was there in the script. Which was why, at an early preview, I met him in public outside the cinema and gave him a great big kiss on the lips."

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