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SJP on the birds and the bees

Sarah Jessica Parker told her son where babies come from when he was two.

The 50-year-old actress and her husband Matthew Broderick welcomed James Wilkie in 2002, adding twins Marion and Tabitha to their brood through a surrogate in 2009.

Sarah's spouse recently admitted he hasn't had the chance to discuss the birds and bees with James yet as the youngster insists he "gets it", but it was a different story for the Sex and the City star.

"I am the only one home when it comes up. So then I am... From the time James Wilkie was two years old, he asked me at two years old... Now I misunderstood what he said, but I did tell him where babies came from. Because I thought that's what he asked," she laughed to David Letterman, who was the lucky host to quiz Matthew on his parenting duties previously.

"And at that time - which I don't encourage, this isn't my counsel to you because your son is much older - but at that time I told him that he had one seed, and there was a young woman called Mary who he would meet in Sophomore year of college. And that she was going to be very smart and lovely, came from a nice family, and that he would choose Mary to give his seed to."

It wasn't until afterwards that Sarah realised she completely misunderstood her son; James had a blanket he called 'baby' and was simply asking his mother where the comforting piece came from.

She was pleased by her attempts at explaining, but later on James ended up learning the more detailed version from his neighbour and his older brother in the back yard.

It seems both parents are quite relaxed about their kids growing up, as Matthew revealed that he's happy for his son to figure things out himself.

"He's got some friend who's gonna mislead him, he's gonna make the same mistakes everybody makes I think," the star explained.

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