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SJP sceptical about Twitter

Sarah Jessica Parker finds it "thrilling" to look into other peoples' lives through Twitter.

The 48-year-old actress jumped on the bandwagon and joined Twitter for the first time last year.

Since signing up to the website Jessica has enjoyed interacting with her fan base and has over 500,000 followers.

While she enjoys how relaxed tweeting is, the Sex and the City star can't help but wonder whether it is meant for her.

"[Twitter has] been nice. The thing I like about it is it can happen when... unlike returning a phone call or an email, it doesn't have some sort of deadline attached to it and I think allows for… there's some freedom about it that I like," she explained to

"I think I'm still uncertain about how to navigate the whole thing. I like sharing images, I love seeing other peoples' images, and I think most thrilling of all is to see other peoples' worlds far away and nearby. I'm still uncertain about… I'm still not entirely convinced it's the place I belong."

Sarah is set to launch her own line of cards and stationary with greeting cards manufacturer Hallmark. When it comes to receiving things from her husband Matthew Broderick for special occasions, the brunette star believes a personal gesture is a lot more rewarding.

The couple tied the knot in 1997 and have son James together, as well as twin daughters Marion and Tabitha who were born through a surrogate.

"I do really like the idea of sending and receiving cards. I just think it's a really nice way, especially in these particular times where it's very easy for us to send messages via e-mail, we all know what it means to receive a handwritten note," she smiled.

"Often my husband will say to me, 'What do you want for a holiday or a birthday,' and I tell him, 'What I really want is a note.' That is something I will have forever and it's something I can pass on to my children. I think words of substance and words that really express feelings are invaluable."

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