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Skarsgård ‘tunes out crazy noise’

Alexander Skarsgård thinks the United States is one of the only civilised countries on earth “that doesn’t give parents anything”.

The 38-year-old former True Blood actor is rumoured to be dating British celebrity Alexa Chung.

And even though he is known worldwide for his work in the HBO show, he won’t allow his own fame to adversely impact his romantic relationships, as Alexander is fiercely protective of lovers.

“I do [feel protective over girlfriends] but the healthiest thing is not to dip into it, otherwise all the noise out there would drive me crazy,” he revealed in an interview with the London Evening Standard. “If you fall in love you figure it out and make it work.”

Alexander noted he “would like children” sometime soon.

But the star, who grew up in Sweden, isn’t sure where he’d raise his family.

“I’m not saying everything in Sweden is perfect because it’s not. But it is interesting having grown up in a social democratic country such as Sweden, and then watching what’s going on in the US and the income disparity,” Alexander detailed. “The system in Sweden is great because you get free healthcare and free education; someone who doesn’t have a lot of money can become a doctor or lawyer. There’s good paternity and maternity leave — the US is probably the only civilised country in the world that doesn’t give parents anything. Sweden is a good country to raise a family in because there is an equality there I don’t feel in the States.”

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