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Skarsgård: Utopia’s possible

Alexander Skarsgård has spoken about how his new film The Giver calls attention to societal concerns.

The 37-year-old Swedish actor stars in The Giver, a new sci-fi film set in the year 2048. The movie centres on an ideal society that eliminates cultural classifications after experiencing a devastating war.

And Alexander is convinced the human race can create a utopian civilisation in the future without sacrificing personal freedoms.

“I would say so, yeah. I think it’s a question we need to ask ourselves considering we live in a big brother, surveillance society,” he told Refinery29. “How much freedom are we willing to sacrifice in order to feel safe? It’s important to constantly revisit and think about what kind of society we want to live in — especially what kind of society we want our children to grow up in.”

In The Giver, Brendon Thwaites portrays lead character Jonas, a teenager preparing to undergo his Ceremony of Growth.

The coming of age ritual assigns jobs to young society members and Jonas is tasked with receiving painful memories of the crises that existed before humans found peace - knowledge most people in his world don’t have access to.

But Alexander doesn’t know if he’d like to live in a utopian civilisation that doesn’t involve suffering.

“I think that pain and suffering helps us. It’s only through that that we can experience real joy, and real happiness, and real love, you know?” he mused. “To me, it’s a nightmare if you end up feeling nothing, if everything is just a flat line. You need those high and those lows to really appreciate life.”

The Giver, which also stars Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep, was released in US theatres last weekend.

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