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Sky Ferreira: Nudity doesn’t sell records

Sky Ferreira insists she didn’t pose nude for her debut album to sell more record.

The 21-year-old star, who is supporting Miley Cyrus on her upcoming Bangerz World Tour, poses nude on the cover of her debut album Night Time, My Time.

But the singer insists the risqué image wasn’t a cheap ploy to drive up record sales.

"It wasn't to sell records, because you don't sell records by being nude and looking crazy. I wasn't like, 'OK, I'm going to be nude on my album cover,' it just kind of happened,” she told MTV News.

"We were shooting and we did different shots and he [filmmaker Gaspar Noé] sent me all the shots and that was my favourite one that I think I connected to the most. It was kind of annoying that people say that it was a marketing-type scam, because it wasn't,” she said.

The Everything Is Embarrassing hitmaker is preparing for her tour duties, which kick off in Vancouver on February 14, 2014.

She’s looking forward to supporting Miley on the trek. But Sky admits she’s confused at critics’ negative reactions to provocative artists, arguing some conservative attitudes have contributed to the rise of eating disorders.

"I don't find nudity that big of a deal. I feel like maybe if America was a little less conservative about that — because when you do see something sexy, it's so overly Photoshopped and stuff like that — maybe there'd be less eating disorders and stuff.

"It's kind of like a theme right now in pop music right now, isn't it? Sexism,” she explained.

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