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Slash addicted to Disney

Slash has revealed he is "junkie" for Disney cruises.

The outrageous rocker confessed his wife brought out a softer side of him during a family holiday. Although Slash was initially unimpressed with her choice, he ended up having a great time on the family friendly boat trip.

"In 2006 after I'd kicked my drug and alcohol addiction, I went on a holiday with Perla and the kids that I was really dreading. Would you believe it that they dragged me on a Disney cruise?" Slash told UK newspaper The Telegraph. "God knows what the other guests thought when they pegged it was me because it just doesn't tally with the image of a rocker. We spent a week going from Mexico to Florida. It potentially could have been really bad, but it turned out to be one of the most fun vacations I've ever been on, so much so that I'm a Disney junkie now. If the cruise wasn't being a glutton for punishment, after we disembarked, we had two days at Disney World."

The 46-year-old guitarist also spoke about other vacations he has enjoyed.

Slash loves going out into the wilds to spot exotic animals, but admits his family usually have the final decision on holiday destinations.

"I'm an animal freak, so during a break in the Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion tour, I went on a safari in West Africa and was up early in the morning to go out into the bush," he recalled. "Nowadays I'm at the mercy of what my wife and kids want to do."

Slash is renowned for his rock 'n' roll lifestyle and loved to party before he got clean in 2006.

The star was often so intoxicated while on the road he would forget where he was staying.

"During my hedonistic heyday, I've been drunk and stranded more times that I can count and forgotten how to get back to the hotel and even which hotel I was staying in," Slash explained. "And when you're on tour things are always going missing - I had my entire suitcase and kit disappear."

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