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Snooki: Cheating rumours are stupid

Snooki thinks her husband Jionni is too good looking to go on a site like Ashley Madison.

The former Jersey Shore star’s husband Jionni LaValle was recently accused of being one of the thousands of people who paid to use Ashley Madison - the controversial dating website for married individuals. While the 27-year-old has already blasted the accusations, she used her latest Naturally Nicole podcast to elaborate further.

“I'm lucky if he knows how to even use a computer, yet go on Ashley Madison to cheat on me," she said. "It's so stupid, and we honestly think, like, someone is trying to f**k with us because this isn't the first story that Jionni's been cheating on me. But all these stories never have evidence. There's never a photo, there's never text messages, there's nothing."

Snooki and Jionni tied the knot in November last year. The couple have two children together, three-year-old Lorenzo and 11-month-old Giovanna. Snooki can’t get enough of her man, and thinks his good looks mean he wouldn’t have to resort to using a website if he wanted to stray.

“If he wanted to cheat on me, he would go to a club and cheat on me, or go out and cheat on me," she explained. "He wouldn't go on Ashley Madison to pay money to cheat on me. Like, he's not an ugly guy. He's beautiful, do you know what I mean? He would never do anything to ruin his family, and if he didn't want to be with me he would tell me.”

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