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Snooki defends Miley

Snooki: Miley Cyrus needs to go through this stage.

The Jersey Shore star defends Miley in the wake of the singing superstar’s latest shock tactics.

At last night’s MTV EMA awards held in Amsterdam Miley lit and smoked a hand rolled cigarette that resembled a joint, whilst on stage collecting her Best Video award.

“Miley needs to go through this stage of just being crazy, making mistakes and just doing what she wants to do. And I feel like that’s exactly what she’s doing. If you saw her [documentary] Movement on MTV, the girl knows exactly what she’s doing.

“She’s trying to get everyone to talk about her, and now look, all her songs are number one. She knows what she’s doing, even though everyone’s talking bad about her at least they’re talking about her,” Snooki said on her CelebBuzz video blogs, Nooki with Snooki.

25-year-old Snooki even compared Miley’s behaviour to her own, recounting her younger mindset when she entered the Jersey Shore house.

Since then though Snooki has shed her party-girl image and settled down with fiancé Jionni LaVelle and their one-year-old son Lorenzo, and has just finished a stint on Dancing with the Stars.

“When I was 21 I’d just started Jersey shore, I walked into the house a hot mess. I liked to drink, I was hooking up, I was partying and I feel like everyone needs to get that out of the system. Because now look at me, I’m awesome,” Snooki explained.

“Live it up, enjoy your music career that’s going crazy right now. And then eventually when she gets older she can settle down. But for now I feel like she should just live her life and be the crazy Miley that we all love,” was her parting message.

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