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Sofie Gråbøl talks childhood insecurities

Sofie Gråbøl's children have no interest in seeing her act as she's "embarrassing enough".

The Danish actress had an unusual upbringing, spending some of her time in a commune. It meant she was largely left to her own devices, but rather than relish the fact that she could experiment, the star felt unsettled.

"My parents divorced before I was born. It was a family of the 70s, unstructured and I could do what I liked, but that amount of freedom made me very insecure," she admitted to the British edition of Marie Claire magazine.

"I created an imaginary world instead - writing stories and drawing, dreaming really - which is a good thing when you're an actor. I guess that you can conjure up different mindsets and situations."

TV drama The Killing brought Sofie's name into the limelight and now her star is rising further with hit show Fortitude. It's about a town on the edge of the Arctic Circle, which considers itself incredibly safe - until a crime takes place.

Fame still feels fictional to the 46-year-old and it seems removed from her when she's spending time with her children - son Bror and daughter Gudrun, who she has with her ex-husband Jacob Thuesen.

"They're aware, but I don't think they really care," she laughed when asked if her kids realise she'll be very famous thanks to the show.

"I take a pride in that, though. When I did my play in London, I said to my son, 'Maybe you want to come and see it,' and he looked at me as if to say, 'Why would I want to see you on a stage, you're embarrassing enough as it is!'"

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