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Solange ‘by stabbed friend’s bedside’

Solange Knowles supposedly dropped everything to attend to her ailing business partner Armina Mussa, who was stabbed in New Orleans ten times on Wednesday.

The 28-year-old singer-and-fashionista co-owns a boutique in New Orleans called Exodus Goods with Armina Mussa and the women are very close.

TMZ reports Solange’s pal was stabbed ten times on April 8 in the Louisiana metropolis by a woman named Arronesia Christophe, a friend of Armina’s roommate.

And a rep told Billboard magazine Solange dropped everything so she could fly from Los Angeles back home to New Orleans and support her ailing colleague after receiving the devastating news.

According to TMZ, a heated argument took place between the pair before the attack to place.

“We're told Mussa got into an argument with Christophe ... who is accused of pulling a knife during the dispute, and stabbing Mussa repeatedly ... including in the neck,” the websites writes.

Solange’s friend Armina is said to be in critical condition at the hospital. claims Solange also supported her pal by attending Arronesia’s arraignment on Thursday afternoon.

Sources tell the outlet she arrived for the 3pm hearing looking “very concerned”. A New Orleans Police Department sergeant reportedly noted in official records Armina’s stab wounds are located at “various of her body”, with the wounds being “potentially fatal”.

Arronesia was booked on charges of aggravated battery initially but the crime was elevated to second degree murder on Friday due to the severity of Armina’s injuries. Arronesia remains in jail at the Orleans Parish Prison on a $50,000 bail bond.

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