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Somerhalder: Start a Ryot!

Ian Somerhalder wants fans to join the Ryot News' #StartARyot Challenge by donating to a non-profit close to his heart.

The Vampire Diaries star is promoting an online competition orchestrated by Ryot News which will award $200,000 to participating charities receiving the most donations.

Ian logged onto Twitter on Monday to promote The Sierra Club Foundation, an organisation that has inspired him to give back.

“One more week to #startaryot. We can catch up and win for @Sierraclub Fdn but i need you!” he tweeted.

The actor, who founded his own non-profit in 2010, expanded about his mission to raise money for The Sierra Club by linking to a lengthier message.

Ian, whose eponymous foundation focusses on raising environmental awareness, insists the organisation's dedication to environmental causes makes it deserving of a win.

“I'm out to win the top prize for The Sierra Club Foundation. An organization that's very special to me - whose powerful work in every community around the country inspired me to join the environmental movement and start a foundation of my own,” Ian explained.

“With The Foundation's support, the Sierra Club and their 2.1 million grassroots supporters work to prevent drilling in the Arctic Seas. They protect wild America including the wolves, grizzlies and other animals that call it home. They're leading the way away from fossil fuels to clean, renewable sources and winning the fight against climate disruption. In fact, their work was critical in helping to reduce America’s CO2 by nearly 8% last year.”

The Ryot News competition also got a boost from Kristin Davis on Monday.

The actress was elated organisers had managed to raise $500,000 for various charities through the #StartARyot Challenge.

“#STARTARYOT just passed 500,000$ raised for charities! Yay! Very impressive @RYOTnews @RYOTfoundation,” she tweeted.

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