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Spears needs ‘memorable’ Vegas stint

LMFAO star Sky Blu is passing on his performance tips to Britney Spears.

The blonde pop star recently announced she has signed a two-year residency at the city's Planet Hollywood.

Having had a residency himself at Bellagio hotel's Bank nightclub, Sky has given some valuable tips to Britney and shared one of his favourite acts in Sin City.

"Just make sure your show is just something to be memorable. The Beatles' Cirque du Soleil show [Love] is awesome. I love that," he told MTV before Britney had confirmed her shows. "I think if people incorporate certain aspects like that into their live show, just make it a little more over the top and something that people want to come see again."

As well as performance suggestions he passed on some of his health tips to the singer. With an average of 50 shows a year, Britney will be kept busy. Sky suffered an injury during his stint after neglecting his fitness and doesn't want anyone to make the same mistake.

"Hydrate yourself; make sure you get a lot of water. Make sure you do your exercise... If [you're] at home and you exercise and you feeling good then you can go to Vegas and party for a weekend and have a good time," he explained.

"But if you out of shape and you just say, 'I'm keeping the party going forever,' I learned that the hard way. I had a back problem. I learned that if you want to party, you got to train to party - health is important. After you take care of yourself, you can rage. Most important, get the health, come through, rage your face off."

Sky added he was open to joining forces with Britney during her residency "anytime". The musician loves collaborating and is happy to team up with creative artists.

"I would love to work with anybody. It's just about people who like to create," Sky explained. "'Cause I enjoy making anything with my people."

Britney: Piece of Me at Planet Hollywood will kick off on December 27 2013.

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