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Spectre trailer launches

James Bond fans rejoice - the trailer for Spectre is here!

The next instalment in the 007 action franchise is due to hit cinemas in October in the UK and now a teaser has been released.

Daniel Craig of course takes centre stage, getting ready to fire a gun in the setting of Mexico City. And there's all of the trademark British sarcasm; when asked what he was doing there, he answers: "I was taking some overdue holiday."

Naomie Harris makes her return as Eve Moneypenny, while new faces Léa Seydoux and Christoph Waltz are also sure to get fans excited.

Some Twitter users were most enamoured by Craig's dapper style, with one posting: "James's suit is beautifully tailored #Spectre (sic)."

Others were already planning their cinema trips: "Woke up to the new #Spectre trailer... My mind is blown! Defo booking first day tickets for that!! (sic)," another commented.

Even if fans are totally won over by Daniel as Bond now, there were no doubt some sceptics when he took over the part in 2006's Casino Royale. Among them was Spectre director Sam Mendes, who also helmed Skyfall im 2012.

“I had cast Daniel Craig in this film I made in Chicago called Road To Perdition about 15 years ago and it was his first big American film," he revealed to BBC's TMS podcast.

“The role of Bond came up four or five years later and I was called by Entertainment Weekly, a showbiz publication, and they said, ‘Your old friend and collaborator Daniel Craig has been suggested as Bond, what do you think?’ and I said, ‘Terrible idea – he shouldn’t do it.'”

No doubt Sam, and any other critics, have been truly proven wrong.

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