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Spelling apologises to McDermott’s ex

Tori Spelling apologises her husband's ex-wife for sleeping with him during their marriage in a new episode of True Tori.

The former 90210 star’s marriage to Dean McDermott has made headlines for months after he confessed to being unfaithful.

The pair let cameras into their personal lives for the actress’ reality show True Tori as they try to patch things up.

And in an upcoming episode, the mother-of-four is seen driving to meet up with Mary Jo Eustace, the woman Dean was married to when they began their affair, RadarOnline reports.

“No one else knows better what I’m going through better than her,” Tori says.

The 41-year-old star later apologises for her indiscretion with Dean in a meeting with Mary Jo.

“I can’t help the fact that I fell in love with him,” she says. “And I’m sorry that we didn’t handle it a different way.”

“Well, I appreciate your apology, but every choice has a consequence,” Mary Jo responds.

The apology comes after cameras follow Tori and Dean into a therapy session in which she discusses meeting her ex-husband Charlie Shanian, who she left for Dean after their cheating scandal.

“There’s been a definite disconnect since I saw Charlie,” Tori says, prompting Dean, 47, to reflect he feels he’s “not the person” for his wife.

“That makes me scared that you’re going to leave me,” she says.

The upcoming episode follows shortly after Dean revealed he’s quitting the show for good.

“We have five more shows left… I can't do this anymore,” he told American entertainment news programme Access Hollywood earlier this week.

“I can't keep opening a vein, opening my soul and sharing my feelings and thoughts and demons with the world,” he said.

Dean and Tori have been married for eight years and have four children together, plus one from Dean’s previous marriage to Mary Jo.

Dean admitted earlier this year he's had sexual relationships with at least five other women during their marriage.

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