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Spelling faces cheating claims

Tori Spelling's husband allegedly slept with a 28-year-old woman earlier this month.

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star wed Dean McDermott in 2006 and the couple share four young children.

But a woman has come forward to US Weekly, claiming she slept with Dean and his blissful marriage isn't what it seems.

"He told me he and Tori had a sexless marriage," Emily Goodhand told the tabloid.

Emily, 28, claims to have met Dean in Toronto on December 6 and said they slept together that same night after he slipped her a key to his hotel room.

The TV star apparently told the woman his wife was at an event in Los Angeles and poured on the charm.

"He was romantic and very complimentary. He was telling me, 'You're so beautiful.' I had to call him on his bulls**t, like, 'Stop saying this stuff.' He wanted to make me feel really good. Then the time for talking was over," she recalled.

Emily said the pair used protection and Dean was open about his marriage.

Things got uncomfortable, she said, when he began explaining why he was cheating: "He said, 'I love my wife. I love her so much, but she just won't sleep with me.' I didn't ask why because it was awkward."

The pair allegedly met again a second night. Emily claims that's when Dean showed her a sex tape he made with his wife. She said they spent the evening hanging out and weren't intimate, but she still regrets her decision and wants to apologise to Tori.

"I'm an adult and I make my own decisions. I'm sorry. I f**ked up," she said.

Tori in March slammed reports her husband was on the verge of leaving her. She also defended him against claims he was unfaithful.

"He has stood by me during the good times and held my hand through the darkest moments of my life. I'm so blessed to have him as my partner in life and love and he is the best father to our four children," she wrote on her blog.

Spokespersons for Dean and Tori have declined to issue comment on the latest accusations.

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