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Spelling ‘secretly hospitalised’

Tori Spelling was reportedly hospitalised while promoting her book Spelling It Like It Is.

The TV star recently released her book Spelling It Like It Is, in which she opens up about her financial worries and need to rein in her spending.

It's been claimed that while promoting the tome she was taken so ill she had to check in to a medical centre.

"Tori was hospitalised for stress and anxiety for a few days because she was receiving a lot of negative feedback about revelations she made in the book and she had no anticipation that it was going to hit a nerve," an insider told RadarOnline.

“She just grew very anxious about having to defend her actions in the book in media interviews and decided that she needed to go to the hospital.”

Tori was criticised for slamming Katie Holmes in the book, claiming she is "plastic" and can't sing. The two had met years previously and got along, but this time around Tori claims the Hollywood star pretty much blanked her and showed no interest in her family.

Although it's unknown how long Tori, 40, was treated for it's claimed she missed a flight causing some of her promotional duties to be cancelled.

Another source has insisted the incident wasn't as severe as it's being reported.

"She just wasn’t feeling well and went to the hospital, but everything was fine," the person claimed.

Tori was hospitalised last year while pregnant with her fourth child Finn, who was born on August 30. The star was diagnosed with placenta previa and spent ten weeks in the clinic due to complications.

“I stumbled to the bathroom, dizzy from losing so much blood. When I got there, I thought, ‘This is it,’” she told People magazine.

“There was so much blood I thought, ‘I’m dying. Not just [losing] the baby, but I’m dying.’”

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