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Spelling’s ‘quiet anniversary’

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott had a low-key meal to acknowledge their wedding anniversary.

The couple are currently documenting their marriage troubles on reality show True Tori, following Dean’s cheating scandal at the end of last year. Tori, 40, has been continually shown in tears at her husband’s betrayal, and it seems the feelings were still present during their eighth anniversary meal at a local sushi restaurant.

“They did not look happy at all," an eyewitness told Us Weekly. “They were quiet. There weren't any smiles at all. It was sad to see them so down."

Both were dressed casually for the outing but the eyewitness noted they were wearing their wedding rings.

Dean confessed to cheating on Tori in December while filming in Toronto. He admitted himself to a rehabilitation facility earlier this year to deal with “health and personal issues”.

Meanwhile Tori has had her own health issues to deal with since her marital woes began. The mother-of-four was admitted to hospital last month for severe migraines.

“Tori’s head hurt so much, she couldn’t have any light in her bedroom,” a family insider told Radar Online. “And she couldn’t keep any food down from the ulcer. She was in a great deal of pain and was very scared. She was just so run-down and ragged from their affair fall-out.”

Tori has been completely candid about her feelings towards her 47-year-old husband. In one episode she said: “I miss having that support, that person that’s your go-to in life. And that was just stripped from me. I had it for seven years and it was just gone one day.”

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