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Stallone and Van Damme overcame 'Expendables beef'

Sylvester Stallone and Jean-Claude Van Damme overcame their "beef" to work on The Expendables 2, co-star Terry Crews has claimed.

The actor, who is starring alongside the Hollywood icons in the sequel to the 2010 movie, revealed that the pair fell out when Sylvester asked Jean-Claude to appear in the first instalment, but he refused.

Terry said it was inspirational to see the stars overcome their differences to work together on The Expendables 2, with Jean-Claude playing the lead villain.

"The little beef that Sylvester Stallone and Jean-Claude Van Damme had, which was from the last movie, because Sly asked Jean-Claude to be a part, and Jean was like, 'There's no story Sly, this is ridiculous'... It started a war of words, for real! And now, Sly's so smart, this is what's so beautiful, he realised, 'Wait a minute, who would be the perfect villain?' He never lets his own desires or his own little beef or whatever stop what would be the absolute best thing for the movie," he told movie website Flicks and Bits. "Jean-Claude Van Damme is a star, by all means, and let me tell you, he was great as the villain, he was amazing. And the way that him and Sly buried it and moved on, it became something even better - it's an example for everybody."

Co-star Randy Couture also praised the work ethic of the other acting veterans including Bruce Willis.

He said that watching them showed him why they have had such successful Hollywood careers.

"You'd think that rolling onto a set with a bunch of the baddest son-b***hes ever," he laughed, "the icons in the action genre of films, that there would be a bunch of egos. Like, 'Bruce Willis didn't show up until 12 o'clock, and the call time was at six,' and we'd all be waiting around because we can't really start without him. but the opposite was true.

"These cats showed up ahead of time, and for us younger guys that are learning, they set the stage. Those guys, they're workhorses, you quickly understand why they've had a 30 year career in this - because they are workhorses."

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