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Steinfeld surprised by Booth

Hailee Steinfeld found having a giggle with Douglas Booth helped her deal with the "intensity" of Romeo and Juliet.

The 16-year-old plays Juliet to 21-year-old Douglas' Romeo in Carlo Carlei's retelling of the classic Shakespeare tale.

Working with the British star was exciting for Hailee as the good-looking actor managed to spice up every scene.

"There were tons of surprises with Douglas," she gushed to "I think mainly, because, you come to the table with your own interpretation, your own idea and your own take on a role and that’s your base layer. Then you have the director’s ideas on top of that and the actors’ on top of that and you have the things that are around you. The way Douglas would make it work altogether was so fascinating. He was able to bring it together and bring it 100 per cent so he was amazing."

The story of Romeo and Juliet is widely admired for its passionate and tragic portrayal of love.

Luckily the young stars found some respite from the drama by having fun together.

"Oh man, the thing is, with a project like this that is so intense, it’s always great to have somebody there to break the ice," Hailee grinned.

"Everyone had a little bit of that in them. Douglas and I would get to the point where we were on take six or seven of a scene and we literally couldn’t look at each other without bursting out laughing."

Hailee is currently believed to be single.

However, when she does meet her real-life Romeo, there's one very modern habit she isn't prepared to put up with.

"I think just being on their phone when they are supposed to be getting to know you," she said of her dating pet hate.

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