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Sunday 25 January 2015

Stella and Laura in crisps war

Laura Moore and Stella White argue over the crisps task
Laura Moore and Stella White argue over the crisps task

The Apprentice hopeful Laura Moore loses her temper yet again in a clash with project manager Stella English as they try to sell English crisps in Germany.

The candidates are getting competitive as Lord Sugar sends them to Hamburg to market and sell snacks to the Germans, but when it comes to the crunch one team begins fighting among themselves.

The candidates are told to pack for all weathers and big-mouthed Stuart Baggs jokes: "I don't think Lord Sugar is going to be nice to us, so he might be sending us somewhere completely obscure. I think either a warzone or somewhere hot."

And he's almost proved right when his team Apollo, headed by Stella, decide to go with British themed flavours, but Joanna Riley keeps trying to push for curry crisps.

An irritable Laura complains: "I think we would have had some really good flavours if we didn't have Joanna bulldozing this curry idea through the entire time."

Later Laura is furious when Stella arrives early for their hotel pitch and challenges her for hijacking their appointment.

Stella stands firm, responding: "I don't see an issue with who is doing what appointment. We've just to get the orders in!"

A sheepish Stuart accepts that they must seek sales elsewhere, but Laura explodes: "That's unbelievable! We've got order books so it is total b*****ks! I just give up. That's it, seriously I don't give a s**t anymore. They're pieces of s**t and they've left us with one s***ty cafe. This is not how business works!"

Laura then refuses to make an effort to sell in protest, grumbling: "We might win but in a way I hope we don't, because I don't think Stella deserves to win on this task. I think she has treated us outrageously."

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