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Stephen Dorff: I don’t share

Stephen Dorff doesn't like to share anything, including cigarettes.

The 40-year-old actor is known as something of a womaniser and has dated Milla Jovovich and Reese Witherspoon in the past.

When it comes to the ladies, Stephen wouldn't want to share with anyone else.

"Never. I'm much too passionate for that," he answered when asked by the German edition of Cosmopolitan.

"I'm an egomaniac. I don't share anything. Especially not with strangers. Yesterday a woman approached me and asked if she could have a drag of my cigarette. I said, 'No! How am I supposed to know what's been in your mouth?'"

Stephen claims he wouldn't be interested in dating an actress as most of them are "annoying" and just want to talk about their jobs.

He's also learnt over the years that jealousy gets him nowhere.

"I used to be [jealous]," he admitted.

"I was very emotional. But not anymore. If I realize a women isn't really interested in me, then I just leave. If someone means something to me, then I want to be respected. That's what everyone wants."

Stephen is currently believed to be single. While he's not settling down quite yet, he has given some thought to the future.

"One day," he answered when asked if he wants children.

"At the moment I'm still at that rock 'n' roll stage. I fly around the world, stay in hotels. I can keep making better movies. I want to work, not have the responsibility for a family. I'm only 40. And I always date younger women who don't want children yet anyway.”

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