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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Stephen Dorff: I'm wild

Stephen Dorff

Stephen Dorff has described his on-set partying as "pretty wild".

The 39-year-old is known for enjoying the odd night out and is often snapped having fun in various exotic locations.

The Somewhere star has just returned from Israel, where he was shooting drama thriller Zaytoun.

"Yeah it was pretty wild," he admitted to British newspaper The Independent. "They definitely like chasers. The word I heard most was 'chaser', which were these shots, everywhere we went, every day and every night, 'Stephen do you want a chaser?' I was like, 'No! I'm dying here.'"

Stephen put a lot of work into playing Israeli fighter pilot Yoni, who is shot down and captured.

Besides working hard, the actor had another good excuse for letting off steam now and again.

"The truth is that there were a lot of public holidays. Every time I got into a rhythm of shooting we had a four-day holiday. So what are we going to do?" he cheekily added.

Zaytoun tells the story of Yoni's escape and of course touches on many political issues.

Stephen tries not to get too caught up in the issues surrounding Israel.

"I try not to get too involved," he explained. "I'm not political in that sense. I know that there is definitely a huge argument there and the Palestinian people have that argument and every right to have that argument but I would hope at some point that it would all be resolved and there can be that co-existence. And also it feels like in Israel the people are so lovely and whatever that land issue is, it would be great if the people could just come to a happy medium."

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