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Stephen Moyer: Wife makes life easier

Stephen Moyer loves working with his wife Anna Paquin on their hit TV show True Blood as having her around on set “makes life easier”.

The 43-year-old actor and the 30-year-old actress have been married since 2010 and they share nine-month old fraternal twins Charlie and Poppy.

Stephen and Anna both star in hit TV show True Blood, where he depicts vampire Bill Compton.

The couple’s characters engage in a hot and cold love affair onscreen, but in real life Stephen claims they are peas in a pod.

He feels privileged to act with his spouse on the show and is happy she takes his direction so graciously.

“I love working with her. Even if she thinks I’m giving a stupid note, she’ll smile and do it,” he told People magazine.

“It certainly makes life easier for me!”

Stephen is also father to son Billy and daughter Lilac from previous relationships.

The star adores children and is deeply entertained by all the antics his brood partakes in at the house.

“I left my twins at home decorating the carpet with carrot puree,” he laughed.

“They’re so beautiful and funny right now.”

Stephen is unsure whether his kids will go into the entertainment business.

However, he thinks they’re so cute that they might require their own show.

“They have their own trailer!” he joked.

The first episode of True Blood’s sixth season aired last weekend.

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