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Steve Carell: Family ground me

Steve Carell says it breaks his heart to think of people who are “alone and sick”.

The 52-year-old actor takes on his most shocking role to date in Foxcatcher, where he plays murderer John du Pont.

Being a part of the tragic story made Steve realise how lucky he is to have such a good support network.

"I have people who will catch me. And I do the same for them," he explained to USA Today. "[It's] horrifying and scary and chilling to think of someone who is out on his own and who is sick - it's heartbreaking to me."

Part of his support network is his wife Nancy and their children John and Elisabeth. Steve is known as one of the kindest actors in Hollywood and remains modest when asked how he stays so grounded.

"That's who I am, with my wife and kids," he shrugged.

Foxcatcher marks a move into drama, which might seem unusual for a star who is best known for parts in comedies such as The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Despicable Me.

"I always thought of myself as an actor who fell into comedy because that's what I was hired to do more often than not," he explained. "But that was never my goal."

And it’s not just his acting style that changes for Foxcatcher – Steve is transformed with a prosthetic nose and overall unsettling appearance. It even put his castmates off socialising with him.

"If there was any small talk, I wasn't a part of it," he smiled.

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