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Steve Carell happy to borrow jokes

Steve Carell is a "taker" of jokes rather than someone who shares them.

The Hollywood star has made a career of starring in comedy movies, but doesn't think he's that funny. People often ask him to make them laugh so Steve thinks he needs to improve his repertoire of jokes.

"I'm a taker in terms of jokes. I love to hear a good joke but I don't retain jokes. I'm not a good teller of jokes," he said.

Steve practices his funny stories on his family, with his son a particular fan. The star recently used a joke he'd come up with to encourage Johnny to go to sleep.

"We were reading in bed, it was getting late, and I said, 'Johnny, knock knock?' 'Who's there?' 'Goat.' 'Goat who?' 'Go to sleep.' I thought that was pretty good. He thought that was funny," Steve smiled.

Steve appears alongside Keira Knightley in his latest movie Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, about two people who unite when they hear an asteroid is heading for earth.

"She is so prim and proper. An incredible lady. You know what surprised me about her? How fun she is," he told UK TV show Daybreak.

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