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Steve Carell: I mourned Robin Williams

Steve Carell doesn't worry about how people see him.

The comedy great committed suicide last August, leaving the world stunned. Being a prominent figure in the humorous side of showbiz too, Steve looked to Robin as inspiration while paving his way in the industry.

"Absolutely. I was a huge fan. I don't know of any other actor who had such diversity," he told British magazine Time Out London. "He could do The Fisher King and Awakenings, then go and do Flubber. I only met him once, but when he passed away I felt such a loss."

Steve has left his funny reputation behind in his latest film Foxcatcher, in which he plays real-life wrestling coach John du Pont. It's already generated awards buzz, with the star up for best actor at both the SAGs and Golden Globes, but Steve is adamant he didn't take the role to create a new reputation.

"I don't worry about how people see me. If you start taking roles based on that, it's not helpful and it won't point you in a creative direction," he said. "I did it because I thought it would be great - that's all."

Steve doesn't think he was one of the first names to crop up on director Bennett Miller's list for the role - it was his agent who contacted the filmmaker with the suggestion. Although many wouldn't relate Steve to such a serious role, the actor can see why he was eventually cast.

"It was in part a play on my public persona," he explained. "Like me, John du Pont was seen as a very benign person. People didn't expect him to do all that he did."

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