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Steve Carell reveals dinosaur dream

Steve Carell says his favourite animal is a velociraptor after watching Jurassic Park with his son.

The funnyman has two children with wife Nancy - daughter Elisabeth and son John - and says his kids are sometimes a source of inspiration for him.

When asked about his favourite animal, Steve gave a bizarre response.

"I rented Jurassic Park recently because my kids had never seen it, so I think right now my son and I have agreed that velociraptors are the best," he explained in an interview with Empire magazine.

"In fact, this morning we were talking about having a pet velociraptor, walking it around on a leash, feeding it dog food, setting it on the neighbour's cat."

Steve also revealed the last movie he walked out of. The 50-year-old star isn't a fan of one genre in particular.

"The only movies I'd think about walking out of are scary movies, because I have no spine. So I become a gelatinous gloop in cinemas, and this in turn makes walking out a bit more difficult," he joked.

"The last film to really freak me out was Contagion - like the rest of the audience I had to go outside and wash my hands immediately."

Aside from being freaked out by germs, Steve also revealed the worst thing he's ever put in his mouth.

"I really hate olives. I just hate, hate, hate 'em. I hate the flavour, I hate the texture, I hate the way the look. And frankly, a gin martini with an olive is one of the grossest things you could ever consume. Gin I can't stand, olives I can't stand... mix them together and that's one nasty, nasty potion," he deadpanned.

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