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Steve Carell talks catchphrase pride

Steve Carell was “so proud” to hear someone shout his catchphrase during a tennis match at Wimbledon.

The comic star was thrilled to discover a visitor at last year’s British tennis tournament had paid tribute by screaming “Loud noises” during a game. Steve famously delivered the line playing weatherman Brick Tamland in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and is happy it’s become part of his legacy.

“I didn’t see it myself, but apparently in a break during the play it was very quiet and someone in the crowd screamed out, ‘Loud noises.’ I could not have been more proud,” he joked during an interview for UK TV show This Morning. “I’ve made it! I’ve made it. To have a catchphrase of mine uttered at Wimbledon? Come on!”

During his TV appearance earlier today, one of the presenters called Holly Willoughby produced a fart gun – which appeared in Steve’s hit animated movie Despicable Me. As they tested it out to hear the different noises it produces, the actor joked about making similar sounds himself.

“I have been practising as well, but not using the machine,” he deadpanned, before claiming he inspired the sounds for the toy. “Yes, I actually did. I can claim a royalty every time one is used. I just made $14.”

Steve plays villainous Gru in Despicable Me and is currently promoting the sequel.

He claims to have prepared for the animated role by method acting, after feeling inspired by an Oscar-winning peer.

“Gru is a very layered character. I would prepare for the role much like Daniel Day-Lewis,” he quipped. “I would dress as the character, even though you never see me, I would always wear prosthetic make-up behind the microphone just so I could feel it… Steve Carell’s Gru is his Lincoln. Exactly. That is going to be on the poster.”

Steve went on to suggest that Daniel might appreciate hearing the fart gun when he is doing the promotional rounds with his next movie.

“When Daniel Day-Lewis next comes on this show, I want you to bring that out. With no context at all, just start shooting him with the fart gun,” he smiled.

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