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Steve Coogan: I don’t need to flaunt sexuality

Steve Coogan had no intention of doing his own stunts in his latest movie.

The British actor has reprised his role as narcissistic radio DJ Alan Partridge for a movie adaptation of the TV show, which is called Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.

There are many action sequences in the release, but Steve had no intention of going anywhere near them.

"That was a stuntman," he told Shortlist magazine, when asked if the scenes were hard to shoot. "No [I didn't do my own stunts]. I’m not trying to prove to everyone that I’m heterosexual. I don’t need to do that."

Steve became well known in the UK thanks to his portrayal of Alan, among other characters. He then made the move to America, determined to crack Hollywood.

The actor appeared in big budget movies such as Tropic Thunder, but has since realised that life isn't for him. The 47-year-old star would advise wannabe actors to think long and hard before deciding Hollywood is the key to their success.

"You get slightly blinded by the lights there, but when I came back I knuckled down, did what I wanted to do and everything that I’ve done here [in the UK] is far better," he explained. "I didn’t really do anything significant there. You can work in Hollywood, but if you compromise you’re just on a hiding to nothing. It’s pointless. You’ll do stuff that won’t work and won’t be popular. What I learned was that it didn’t really work for me going out there, trying to be ‘part number three’ in a big comedy film with Vince Vaughn or whatever. It’s bullsh*t. And it made me realise [that I had] to do things for myself."

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