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Steven Tyler: Madonna will rock Super Bowl

Steven Tyler expects a fantastic performance from Madonna at Super Bowl XLVI as she "gets the big picture".

The superstar will take to the stage at the iconic American football game on Sunday. She's admitted getting an attack of nerves while preparing for the event, but Steven has every faith that she'll pull it off.

"If I were Madonna, I think she would be rehearsing for the last month about it, 'cause she's smart," he told Access Hollywood.

"I love that woman. She really gets the big picture."

Steven knows what he is talking about as he performed at the iconic football event in 2001. He sang with his band Aerosmith, but things didn't work out as he'd hoped.

"I went out - it was in surround sound - and only my vocal came out," he recalled. "The band was gone. I watched it and went, 'Mmmm,' and I melted down into the rug."

Madonna is expected to perform her new song Give Me All Your Luvin' on Sunday. It is released today and she premiered a small portion of the promo during last night's American Idol show.

The track features vocals from M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj, and the preview began with the two stars dressed in cheerleader outfits.

Madonna was then seen strutting along in an overcoat, sunglasses and the fingerless gloves she has recently become famous for. The iconic star is pushing a pram as she approaches the two younger singers.

Nicki and M.I.A. have a whole cheerleading squad with them, while a footballer is alongside Madonna clearing the way down the street for her. Soon more sportsmen appear and all make it their mission to ensure Madonna is safe from rain and is able to walk the street without obstruction.

Give Me All Your Luvin' is the first track from Madonna's upcoming album M.D.N.A. and the whole promo will be released today.

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