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Stewart and Hedlund: Sex scenes were comfy

Kristen Stewart felt "completely comfortable" shooting scenes in the nude.

The actress stars alongside Garrett Hedlund in upcoming film On the Road.

Kristen got naked several times throughout the shoot, as her character Marylou participated in threesomes and other steamy scenarios.

The star wasn't afraid of revealing her body.

"I genuinely did feel so completely comfortable that watching it now even I'm like 'Whoa!'" Kristen told E! News in a joint interview with Garrett. "Which is fine, that's the way I should react to it. I'm so not like [my character], as I've said, but um"

Garrett and Kristen jumped right into nudity on set.

"Our first day of shooting was answering the door naked and her being in bed over there," Garrett explained. "You know, the characters you're playing. You just go for it."

Kristen admits that she did feel anxiety about getting steamy initially. Still, she and her co-star overcame their fear.

"That was maybe the one day I didn't feel as free as I did," she shared. "We got to the point, but"

"We've come to love each other so much," Garrett chimed in.

Kristen reciprocates the emotion.

"People say that about movies. But we're not lying!" Kristen gushed.

On the Road will be released later on this year.

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