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Stewart: Fear is life’s biggest killer

Kristen Stewart knew her latest movie would be painful for her to make.

The 25-year-old is on a great path with her career, having starred in the hit Twilight franchise as well as being the first American actress to win Cesar Award earlier this year. While she’s been a film star since childhood, Kristen doesn’t get complacent and still feels the fear before starting on a new project, but she makes it work to her advantage.

“I think the biggest killer in this life is fear. I think a nice healthy dose of it can be motivating, but if you let it debilitate and dictate how you treat other people, it’s very ugly,” she told Deadline.

Those feelings were particularly strong ahead of starting her latest movie Equals. The film takes place in a world where emotions are banned and relationships are outlawed. Kristen’s character falls in love with co-star Nicholas Hoult’s and they decide to try and escape. The themes of love and struggle are something which Kristen can easily relate to, following the public break-up of her relationship with Robert Pattinson as well as recent speculation about her sexual orientation.

“I was nervous going into the movie because of how simple it is and overtly emotional,” she explained. “I’m 25. I’ve been through some stuff and I knew it was going to be painful and I knew if I didn’t do it right I would have hated myself. [The hardest part was] not allowing yourself to feel something. I wear my heart on my sleeve. If I’m in a mood, my mood shows.”

During a press conference for the movie, Kristen pondered over whether people still exist if love doesn’t.

“If you don’t have passion for something — maybe not for another person — but if you have drive and passion and curiosity, that’s what keeps our world spinning. If you take that away, why would you want to learn anything?” she mused, before answering her own question. “Would we still exist if love didn’t? No.”

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