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Stewart: Jackman's trailer is huge

Sir Patrick Stewart has joked that most of the X-Men: Days of Future Past budget went on Hugh Jackman's trailer.

The actor reprises his role as Professor X in the new release, with Hugh once again portraying Logan/Wolverine. The Australian star has admitted he lucked out with his trailer this time around, with Patrick spilling the beans about what actually went on.

"Now that's a question I can answer, because he has acknowledged it in public. Hugh Jackman had a trailer significantly bigger than us. Mind you there's more of him, you gotta have space for him," he told BBC Breakfast. "But it wasn't just that, he had another trailer which was his gymnasium, he had another trailer which was an elaborate sushi kitchen, he had another trailer for meditation, he had another trailer for massage only. It's outrageous and you wonder where the $200m actually went."

Sir Ian McKellen stars as Magneto in the movie and has also appeared alongside Patrick in Broadway plays Waiting for Godot and No Man's Land. At times they found their various roles bled into each other, which Patrick isn't sure always went down well.

"We've spent almost the entire last 12 months together because it began in April in Montreal with five weeks of shooting X-Men and we're on the same set all the time we don't get to travel about much, especially back in time, so we were there shooting that. And, much at times I think annoying to Bryan Singer our lovely director, he would come over to discuss the next scene with us and find that we were running lines from Waiting for Godot or No Man's Land the Pinter play, which was going to be our next work together on Broadway," he laughed.

The two men are great friends and have played their close bond out on Twitter. Patrick constantly posts pictures of them together, usually wearing part of their Waiting for Godot costumes, and explained how that came about.

"I've got to give credit where it's due, that idea was my wife's. She said, 'We could do something with you and Ian and [play characters] Gogo and Didi and the bowler hats.' One or two margaritas later we had created this whole idea of Gogo and Didi do NYC... We didn't want to do a conventional promotion," he said.

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