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Stiles: I almost hired a prostitute

Julia Stiles has admitted it’s difficult sometimes to detach from her role as a hooker in web series, Blue.

The 33-year-old actress portrays the titular character in the web series, a hooker who tries to keep her occupation a secret from loved ones.

And in order to prepare for her role, Julia entertained the idea of hiring a lady of the evening herself.

“I had this weird thought before we started filming that maybe I should hire a female prostitute. I didn’t and couldn’t ever really actually do that, but I thought, wouldn’t that be interesting?” the star recalled to UK newspaper The Sun.

“But I am too compassionate a person and I’m uncomfortable with any kind of service industry.”

However, Blue’s executive producer Jon Avnet, who worked on Tom Cruise’s 1983 release Risky Business and 2010 flick Black Swan, managed to find some escorts for Julia to meet with.

And the thespian enjoyed conversing with them.

“I asked them everything. Mostly logistical questions, how do you prepare for this? How are the dates arranged? What are some of the worst experiences you had?” Julia shared.

“Luckily, they were very forthcoming with me about why they got into that line of work and it was just fascinating. One of the women I talked to showed up at the coffee shop — she was driven there by her fiancé.

“When he went to get the coffee she said, ‘By the way, he doesn’t know that I do this’.”

Julia admits while filming scenes for Blue, it’s sometimes hard for her to detach from the character.

“There is a man who doesn’t even want to have intercourse — he’s an older man who has a thing about wearing a diaper and just wants her to tickle him. It was quite a funny day,” she noted of one of Blue’s escort clients.

“I have to remind myself it’s all make-believe.”

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