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Stiller: Daughter’s banned me from Snapchat

Ben Stiller doesn’t think of himself as a “super mature adult”.

The 49-year-old is father to 12-year-old Ella and nine-year-old son Quinlin. The actor is currently starring in While We’re Young, which focuses on a couple trying to hold on to their 20s, but when it comes to maintaining his youth at home, he sometimes fails to hit the mark.

“Yeah, anytime I try to talk about social media with my daughter. For sure,” he told Fox News when asked if he ever said things that he thought only ‘older people’ should say. “I will say ‘So what's happening with The Snapchat?’ you know, with "The" Snapchat. I told her that I was checking out something on Snapchat and she’s like, ‘You’re not getting on Snapchat. Don’t get on Snapchat.’ I’m like ‘I'm not allowed on… I don't know even what it is.’”

Ben raises his children with wife of 14 years –and fellow actress – Christine Taylor. But despite not being cool enough to get involved in the latest apps, the Zoolander star doesn’t see himself as old just yet.

“I really don’t think of myself as like a super mature adult. I really do most of the time think I’m just trying to figure it out. I feel like that most of the time,” he confessed. “I think that's actually a good thing. I talk to older people who seem young and they say they just never think of themselves as old.”

However the star doesn’t think it’s possible to stay young and trendy forever in Hollywood, despite the emphasis on it.

“I think you can't do that, to me, it's too much pressure. I think you have to be who you are and I think Hollywood and show business and all that is always eating up the new thing,” he continued. “It's always what's new, and you just kind of have to just live your life.”

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