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Stiller: I ate rotten shark

Ben Stiller ate an odd local delicacy while filming The Secret Life of Walter Mitty in Iceland.

The 48-year-old star's latest role sees him play the title daydreamer in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which he also directed.

While shooting a majority of the feature in Iceland the funnyman experienced some unique eating habits with locals.

"I loved it. I went scuba diving in volcanic pools, and climbed these incredible glaciers. The food was great," he gushed to British magazine ShortList. "We had 'rotten shark'; an old Viking dish made by throwing a shark in a pit, urinating on it, burying it for six months, then digging it up and eating it."

Even when he's away from the camera Ben enjoys pretending he is the star of a movie about his own life.

"I think [I have a tendency to daydream in real life]. I definitely look at my life like it's a movie. I put on headphones, and 'score' the scene as I walk along," he laughed.

"I used to dream about being an archaeologist. I liked The Mummy, that Boris Karloff movie, and I was fascinated by archaeological sites. But I was such a bad student it wasn't an option in the end. I had to go into acting."

The actor has two children, daughter Ella and son Quinlin, with wife Christine Taylor. Growing up with two comedians as parents Ben can't help but feel his own kids will follow in their elders' footsteps when they grow up.

"I watch my son now - he's eight - and he'll do something funny and everyone will laugh, and I can see that look in his eye, like, 'I like this!' Because there's nothing like that feeling of making people laugh," he smiled.

"If they wanted to [go into acting], I'd encourage it. But I'd also be really happy if they did something different. I can't help but think they'll be creatively oriented, though, with the genes in my family. We don't have physicist genes or tall genes, but we do have creative genes."

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