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Stiller: I’d be a bad online date

Ben Stiller thinks he would struggle if he had a similar love life to Walter Mitty.

The 48-year-old actor stars in and directs upcoming movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. His title character faces the prospect of unemployment when his magazine shuts down, and struggles to find love after turning to the internet for help.

In real life Ben is happily married to wife Christine Taylor, with whom he has two children, and he admits he would be hopeless if in the same position as Walter.

"It would be challenging for me to be in that situation, being single in your forties and facing that responsibility - to have to communicate via social media. You have to put yourself out there; it's expected. 'What's your Facebook, your Twitter?'" he sighed to British newspaper The Metro.

"But what if you are like Walter and are not good at it? I am not good at it. It would be horrible to be single at this age and have to put your profile up. I have no idea how to sell myself and I really don't want to."

The film is based on the 1939 short story by James Thurber. When shooting the movie Ben felt it is a tale people can relate to even now, 70 years after it was originally published.

He puts this down to Walter's day-dreaming habit and his passion to achieve his goals.

"We all have things that we don't say and ways we want to be that don't necessarily come out in real life the way we want them to," Ben added.

"Also, this story is about a guy who learns to live life in the moment. As I get older, that's something I think about a lot. As I start to feel life going by quicker and things happen that you can't control, I want to appreciate where I'm at."

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