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Sting: I’m not complacent about climate

Sting has spoken about why he chose to take part in the historic People’s Climate March on Sunday.

The 62-year-old Grammy-winning singer walked in solidarity with indigenous peoples at the People’s Climate March protest on Sunday.

Some 300,000 activists are estimated to have joined the historic rally, which was held in New York City, and Sting is happy to have been part of the movement.

“Well, I’m with the indigenous group here, you know, and they’ve always been at the forefront of this struggle, and I think it’s right that they’re at the front of it,” he told Democracy Now! “Their message has always been the same: The planet’s in danger, and you better wise up. And you know there’s a very, very well-financed, well-organised campaign to sow complacency about climate change, at the behest of oil companies and its propaganda. These people aren’t complacent. I’m not complacent. We have to do something. Today is the day.”

Numerous other celebrities, including UN climate envoy Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo and Evangeline Lilly, were also present at the People’s Climate March.

But Sting still thinks we have a long way to go in terms of extricating our society from reliance on fossil fuels.

“No, I don’t think anybody’s doing enough, frankly. I think we need to really pool our resources to make sustainable energy a reality. The world is full of energy. We have solar power, wind. We can do more than just dig oil out of the ground and destroy the climate,” he said.

“A lot of corporations will pretend they’re trying to save the planet, and they’re doing the opposite. So, I have no patience with that kind of whitewash. But we’ve got to be careful.”

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