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Sting’s Trudie trash bond

Sting and his wife Trudie Styler chatted about trash when they first met.

The British singer has been married to Trudie Styler since 1992, although they got together ten years before that. When they first met Sting was still with his first wife Frances Tomelty and things were a far cry from the lavish life they enjoy now.

"I was living with someone else and [Sting] was married. We both owned basements two doors from each other and we had the problem of dustbins in common, because everyone on the higher floors wanted to put their bins in our basement cellars," Trudie recalled to British newspaper The Times.

The couple didn't get together until after Sting's first marriage had ended, but even so it's not a period Trudie talks about in public.

She is happier to discuss how they make their union last though. The pair have four children together and the 59-year-old actress-and-producer was touched when she recently heard one of their daughters discussing their relationship.

"There’s the chemistry, that’s undeniable, and it’s still there. I love him more each day. Also, we like each other. Our daughter said at a wedding anniversary celebration, ‘A lot has been made of my parents being in love but to my eye they really like each other.’ That was hugely felt by Sting and me: we laugh at the same things," she explained.

Sting, 62, is just as glowing about his wife. He is in no doubt that he couldn't manage without Trudie and that it is her which keeps their marriage going.

"Our relationship is successful because I make all the big decisions and she makes all the small ones. Luckily, in 32 years together, we’ve never had to make any big decisions," he joked.

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