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Thursday 17 April 2014

Strictly stars nervous and excited

Abbey Clancy is taking part in this year's Strictly Come Dancing

Abbey Clancy has admitted she needed a bit of convincing to get into her Strictly wardrobe.

On the red carpet at the show's launch, she hinted she wasn't a fan of the big hair and sequins.

She said: "It took me a while to get into it to be honest, I had to embrace the sparkle. I was like, 'That's gorgeous but can I have it in black?' They were like, 'No.' I think I'm finally coming round to the big hair, glitter, diamonds."

Meanwhile, Countdown star Rachel Riley said she couldn't wait to get a brand new Strictly wardrobe.

She said: "We went in for a fitting and we tried on about 20 different dresses and they were basically all swimming costumes with bits sewn on.

"Just trying on all these dresses that all the glamorous dancers have worn over series past, it's just a girl's dream."

Rugby player Ben Cohen and Hollyoaks actor Ashley Taylor-Dawson reflected on their nerves about the upcoming shows.

Ben said: "This is nerve-racking enough but it's going to change and our first experience of going out in front of a live crowd, live on TV, our first judges' results, it's going to be scary."

Ashley added: "I completely agree with that. It's not until we go live, it's going to be a bit different then."

Strictly Come Dancing launches on September 7 on BBC One.

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