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Susan Sarandon still tidying up after kids

Susan Sarandon hates it when her children's friends expect her to pick up old beer bottles.

The actress has three children and her youngest sons Jack and Miles still live with her. She loves having them around but sometimes despairs of the state her home is in.

"I have a son who's 23 who finished college and was at home for a little while and my youngest just turned 20 and is coming in and out with an enormous amount of his friends. I think it's a very understandable phenomenon because the economy is so bad you can do everything right and still end up not being able to afford a place to stay and not being able to find a job," she said. "I'm very moved by the opportunity to have them at home, except when they leave all their stuff around or their friends expect me to pick up their beer bottles."

The 65-year-old star is careful not to take her life for granted. She knows how lucky she is and is also aware how easy it can be to get sucked into the Hollywood machine.

"I hope that I'm always re-evaluating my life. The most difficult thing is to try to stay authentic. The trap is that you become comfortable, stop asking questions and start to go through your life hypnotised," she told British newspaper The Guardian.

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