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Susan Sarandon's motherhood fears

Susan Sarandon says preparing to be a grandmother is making her think of her failings as a parent.

The actress has two sons, 25-year-old Jack and Miles, 22, with her former partner Tim Robbins and daughter Eva, 29, with her ex Franco Amurri.

Eva is currently expecting her first child with her husband Kyle Martino, which is an emotional time for 67-year-old Susan.

"It awakens old memories," she admitted to German magazine MYWAY. "I always wanted to do everything right when it came to my kids. Of course I, like many other parents, failed to do that in a hundred different ways..."

Susan has four movies out this year, including Ping Pong Summer, Tammy and The Calling.

She's also a keen activist and supporter of women's rights, but rejects the term feminist.

"That's an outdated label, which comes with many negative connotations," she explained.

"When we think of feminists, we think of women with stringy hair, angrily pointing at men. That's not me."

It's fitting that Susan appears in Ping Pong Summer, a comedy about a family vacation and a boy obsessed with table tennis. Susan helped create New York ping pong nightclub SPiN and is enthralled by the sport.

"I love it, because it requires concentration and athleticism," she gushed.

The star enjoys staying fit and active and sees age as just a number.

"I feel young, but my body does show me where the boundaries are. I think you have to learn to accept that and concentrate on the positives of ageing," she reasoned.

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