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Sylvester Stallone: I embarrass my kids

Sylvester Stallone's youngest children are so "embarrassed" of him they ask to be dropped off a block away from school.

The actor may be a legendary action man in Hollywood, but at home Sylvester fails to command respect. He has three young daughters with his wife Jennifer Flavin and the girls never listen to his words of wisdom.

"When I give them advice they say, 'Why would I listen to you?' I say, 'Look at the house you're living in and look at the school you're going to - I must know something!' 'Yeah, but you don't know about modern stuff, Dad - and you're not as funny as you think you are.' In the movies, I kill guys with an axe. In real life, I can't control a nine-year-old girl," Sylvester laughed in an interview with ShortList. "My daughters ask to be dropped off a block away. I say, 'Are you kidding? You have Rocky and Rambo for a father - everybody loves me!' They're embarrassed."

The 66-year-old star also discussed his rivalry with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sylvester and Arnold used to be bitter enemies, but in recent years they have mended their rift and even worked together on movies including The Expendables franchise.

Even though they are getting along better now, Sylvester confessed they still try to outdo each another.

"I buy a pair of cowboy boots, he buys a pair. I buy a watch, he buys a bigger watch. He always wins. One time I got a new car and - I swear - he went and had a truck specially made in Germany that could drive over my car. It looked like one of those moon exploration vehicles," Sylvester explained. "He's a very interesting guy because you never know what's going on in his brain."

The Hollywood hardman also confirmed rumours that he had to sell his beloved dog before shooting to fame with the iconic 1976 movie Rocky. After making some money from selling the script for Rocky, Sylvester tried to buy the dog back, but its new owner took some convincing.

"I sold my bullmastiff Butkus to a little person. [Turns to his publicist] You can't use the word 'dwarf' anymore? Let's just say a little person. I tied my dog up at the store with a sign that said a hundred bucks. I got $50 from this guy called Little Jimmy," he recalled. "When I sold the Rocky script, I went to see Little Jimmy and begged for the dog back. He lined up his children [Stallone mimes crying], 'Oh my kids love the dog.' I said, 'You've only had him for a f**king week!' He wanted to fight me and he said he was gonna kill me - he was a crazy little person! I couldn't fight him - they'd arrest me - so I offered to pay double. Anyway, $3,000 and several threats later…"

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