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Monday 26 January 2015

Talent hunter Cowell seeks top cat

Simon Cowell arrives for Britain's Got Talent at the London Palladium
Simon Cowell arrives for Britain's Got Talent at the London Palladium

Simon Cowell has already found his much sought-after dancing dog, and now his hunt is on for a "dancing pussy".

The Britain's Got Talent judge, wearing sunglasses despite the extreme wintry weather, revealed his new challenge at the London Palladium after a very cold walk up a snow-covered red carpet lined with fans and hopefuls.

Having fulfilled his talented pooch ambitions with Ashleigh and Pudsey on last year's series, Cowell is confident he is the man to discover a talented feline worthy of the BGT crown.

"A dancing cat. No one's ever done it. It's obvious. Yeah, a dancing pussy," he said.

The talent show judge, no stranger to his shows' ratings making headlines, said good ratings mean "everything" to him. He said:"And also people liking the show as well, but the two kind of go together. You don't want the figures to go down. You want them to go up. And it's going to be very competitive but I'm used to that."

Cowell arrived at the London auditions almost three hours after waiting press began setting up - but his tardiness is something his fellow judges are used to. On his arrival, he joked: "Sorry to keep everyone waiting by the way. I got caught in the snow."

When asked about what the best and worst things about working with Cowell are, judge Amanda Holden, dressed in a backless dress, deemed his poor time-keeping as his worst trait. She said: "The good things are he's naughty, he's fun, he's generous, he's mischievous. The bad things are he's always bloody late. Everything starts at, like, 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Some of us have got lives...children."

Judge David Walliams agreed: "It's all good. He's a lot of fun. He's a very funny man and he's great to spend time with. The only thing is he likes starting work quite late, so he's probably still in bed now, so he won't be here for a couple of hours."

Cowell - who was the final Britain's Got Talent face to arrive at the London audition after presenters Stephen Mulhern, Ant and Dec, Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Holden - admitted he misses doing The X Factor, and said he would be back on the judging panel if it was possible.

He said: "It's all to do with timing. It would be impossible to do the English show and the American show together. You'd just be knackered and it wouldn't work. If the scheduling was different then of course I'd come back and do the English show. I miss doing it."

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