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Saturday 25 October 2014

Tamaddon: Kerry's a great skater

Hayley Tamaddon thinks Kerry Katona is a great skater

Hayley Tamaddon is impressed by Kerry Katona's skating skills in Dancing On Ice.

The former Emmerdale actress, who was champion of the ITV show last year, believes reality star Kerry is well-matched with her professional skating partner and childhood friend Daniel Whiston.

Hayley said: "They're getting on really well, actually. She's so funny and she's great to have around as well, so they're doing really good.

"She's great at the skating and he's a great teacher, very patient and very calm so I think he's the right person for Kerry."

The 33-year-old actress is disappointed former Neighbours star Craig McLachlan and model Elen Rivas were voted out by the public this week.

She said: "We'll see what happens next week when it's everybody back on the ice, it'll be different."

Hayley, who is the new face of Benenden Healthcare Society and is starting the new year with a healthy eating and exercise regime to keep in shape for the Dancing On Ice tour, advised this year's contestants to eat sensibly.

She said: "Training is demanding and ice skating takes up a lot of calories, even if you just go for an hour. But these guys are doing several hours a day, so they're having to increase their good carbohydrates, eating sensibly.

"There's no chance you can skip meals and do this show, you're left with no energy whatsoever."

And as for partying, she added: "There's nothing wrong with going out and enjoying yourself and having a few drinks, the next day you will maybe suffer a little bit. Drink plenty of water is my advice, and everything in moderation."

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