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Tamera Mowry: I send husband love notes

Tamera Mowry has revealed that she keeps her eight-month marriage hot by sending her husband "love notes".

The Sister Sister star walked down the aisle with Fox News correspondent Adam Housley in May last year and they have found their own way of staying connected.

Speaking to People magazine, Tamera shared how she and Adam make time for each other in their busy schedules.

"We text each other little love notes and we always have date night," she revealed. "Adam always brings something home from wherever because he travels the world.

"Sometimes we travel the world where it's just us. We enjoy each other, we love history, we love art, we love culture, so that's how we do it!"

Although the couple are very much in love, Tamera, 33, says that they had some rough patches as they adjusted to living together. The pair didn't co-habit before they tied the knot.

"In the beginning, you have this adjustment phase," the actress said, who also now stars in a reality show with her twin sister Tia Mowry. "Now we've kind of got used to our own little rhythm."

Tamera added that "giving up my space" was one of the hardest things she had to do.

"I'm so used to having my bathroom all to myself and my poor husband's like, 'I need to get in. I need to get in.' He needs his own space too, so we had to learn that," she laughed.

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