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Tautou: I don’t shun Hollywood

Audrey Tautou admits she feels most comfortable in her native France.

The 37-year-old French actress reached international fame when her 2001 film Amélie was released.

Her only major English-speaking blockbuster since then has been 2006 picture The Da Vinci Code, but Audrey insists she isn’t shunning the industry.

“Nobody understands why I’m not more interested. I always have to justify myself. It’s like, ‘She refused Hollywood’, but that’s not the case. It’s just that I didn’t have any interesting offers and I’m in a privileged position,” she explained to UK newspaper The Independent.

Audrey reveals she has a strong connection with loved ones in her native France and she simply couldn’t imagine living life without them.

When the star told her grandmother she was considering moving to New York City, the matriarch was shocked.

“[Grandma] said, ‘Are you telling me that you prefer America to France? How can you say that?’” Audrey laughed. “So I went back to Paris. I feel very French and I need my life here; I need all my friends and family.”

Audrey spent a lot of time in London while filming The Da Vinci Code and she developed a great affinity for the city.

But the actress, who keeps her private life under wraps, hints she isn’t up for the move due to a significant other.

“Oh la la, I would love to spend two or three years [in London]. I love the energy of this city,” Audrey gushed. “What’s stopping me? Because I have a very good reason to stay in France. That’s the problem. My good reason can’t come to London,” she winked.

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