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Taylor Kitsch proud of struggles

Taylor Kitsch believes his past troubles make him "understand" opportunities better.

The 33-year-old actor and his siblings were raised by his mother in Vancouver. His career began in 2002 when he moved to New York to pursue model and take acting classes, but when campaigns began to dry up Taylor was left homeless for a short while.

It's tough experiences such as these which Taylor believes moulded him into the man he is today.

"I don’t think I’m that conscious of it. I just think it’s more of that the upbringing that I had kind of squared me away," he explained to when asked whether his life has helped prepare him for emotional acting roles.

"A single mom raising three boys. From a trailer park. So I understand an opportunity when it comes maybe more than others that were a bit more fortunate. And I think a late start helps: I really kind of broke out in my mid-to-late twenties. So having at least some kind of ground to stand on within myself helps a lot. And it’s more about the work than really anything else. I’m not chasing celebrity or money or whatever it is."

Taylor can currently be seen in HBO movie The Normal Heart, which also stars Mark Ruffalo and Julia Roberts. For the role of in-the-closet banker Bruce Niles the handsome actor sported blonde locks, which he was impressed by despite not being a fan.

"That's my flow, man! Isn’t that incredible? I didn’t even know what a blowout was when I started the film. Usually I’m not in the make-up chair or hair or whatever. But I was in there 30 minutes a day just for hair just to get it done right. It brought you right back to the early '80s with that," he smiled.

"I mean, Kitsch, me personally, I wasn’t a fan of it after I was working. But I loved it for Bruce."

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